ONET Tuition English subject for Pratom 6 and Mattayom 3

Tuition of English subject for ONET Thailand

Ordinary National Education Test of Thailand (ONET) is a base test and examination to be conducted once in an academic year. It’s going to the test day in coming Feb 3 and 4. FCYD Foundation and the Teach Thai Students program has been in collaboration with many small schools to conduct a ONET tuition of English subject. This academic year B.E.2560, we have completed the tuitions for Pratom 6 and Mattayom 3 of following schools;

Pratom 6 (Grade 6)

  1. Baan Deu Tai School
  2. Baan Makkong Faitaek School
  3. Hua Haad Wittaya School
  4. Choomchon Baan Phuak School

Mattayom 3 (Grade 9)  

  1. Baan Dongwai Dongkwang School
  2. Baan That Prachanukool

FCYD Foundation is to continue the Teach Thai Students program for small schools. It’s not only for contents of the English subject to be shared to all students but also good learned experiences and life skills to teach the students in order to widen their perception toward life and the good way to live their lives. Wishes the good luck for all of you to the ONET test

Thank you for all donations of clothes, dolls, toys and gifts for young people, it’s really good to motivate them to learn and pay attention to the tuition… Thank you