Handover a new childcare center building in Loei province

Handover a new building for childcare center in Loei province

Old building of childcare center ‘Watvivek Thammakhun’ located in Loei province was a house for monks and adjusted to be for childcare activities for many decades. It was so damaged and ruined. FCYD Foundation and community leaders agreed to build a new building based on collaboration with community people, parents and monks – to be volunteer workers. The construction started in May. FCYD was responsible for all costs of construction equipment and materials. Volunteer workers helped each other. The new building is now completely finished including electrical and landscaping works. FCYD is pleased to handover the new building to be for all benefits of the children. Thank you Stichting Welzijn Zuid-Oost Azië from the Netherlands for budget supporting amount of 250,000-Baht. Thank you for all collaboration from community people, parents and monks for the great successful work for the children together.